My Approach

I bring to my work a deep appreciation for the interplay between all aspects of this being human - physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual - and strive to support my clients in integrating these realms to live life more wholeheartedly. My intention, quite simply, is to assist my clients in feeling more at home in their bodies, and more fully present and supported in their lives

I am guided by the belief that we are innately oriented toward wholeness, AND that we inevitably encounter experiences such as physical or emotional stress or trauma - including those inherent in our modern way of life - that divert this natural process. I further believe we all can benefit from learning to become more connected with and responsive to the messages our beings give us through our emotions, habits, relationship patterns, and bodily sensations, opening greater possibilities in our lives for ease, vitality, and joy.  

My work draws upon a variety of sources, including the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM), Buddhist psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, The Work That Reconnects, Focusing, and other somatic approaches.

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Besides my work with individual clients, I am committed to exploring ways of re-weaving the web of community that affirms the belonging of all members, and supports each in developing and sharing their particular gifts. This is work (and play) of co-creation. It requires weaving together strands of old and new ways, honoring our wounds - both cultural and personal - and celebrating our interconnectedness. Learn more about past and upcoming workshops here.