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Nicole Bickham, PhD

Embodied presence ~ deep listening 

There are many styles and modalities of bodywork. I believe what makes my practice unique is the mindful and heartful presence I bring to my work and my clients, drawing upon my background in psychology and inner awareness practices. I bring to my work a deep appreciation for the interplay between all aspects of our being - physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual - and strive to support my clients in integrating these realms to live life more wholeheartedly.

I am guided by the belief that we are innately oriented toward wholeness, AND that we inevitably encounter experiences such as physical or emotional stress or trauma that divert this natural process. I further believe we all can benefit from learning to become more connected with and responsive to the messages our bodies give us, opening greater possibilities in our lives for ease, vitality, and joy. 

We will collaborate to choose and blend therapeutic options that best meet your goals and needs, drawing from a palette that includes acupressure, therapeutic massage, Neurophysical Integration, and somatic therapy. I invite you to explore the information contained here, and to contact me with any questions you may have about my services and how they might benefit you.

"The physical body and the activities of the mind are restored to one another through the interface of touch, and each finds in the other the very element without which it languishes and suffers in isolation."

- Deane Juhan