The Language of Emotions:

Learning to Listen to the Soul's Messengers

Emotions serve an important evolutionary purpose. They bring us vital information, helping us navigate the world and ensuring our survival. When this information is welcomed and heeded, emotions dissipate rapidly. However, our culture generally teaches us to fear and thus suppress our emotions, and what we resist tends to persist. We may find ourselves stuck in redundant emotional loops, manifesting as depression or chronic anxiety. Our disowned emotions may even hijack us at inopportune moments, leading us to make choices we regret, and often reinforcing our fear of emotionality. It takes practice to re-learn the language of emotions and how to harness the energy contained in them to fuel our growth. 


In this informative and interactive workshop, we’ll discuss the purpose emotions serve, how they get “stuck,” and strategies for working with them skillfully, rather than being captive to or cut off from these important messengers. 

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

7-8:30 pm

GreenSquare Integrative Health Care Center

6789 N Green Bay Ave, Glendale
$10 Registration Fee


NOTE: Registration may not be available on mobile devices. In the event that this workshop fills, you may request to be on a waiting list, or to receive notification of similar workshops offered in the future, by contacting us at 414-858-8085 or