Mindfulness Resources

There are many great mindfulness resources available online. Below are a few of my favorite sources for audio and video meditations:


Tara Brach

Sharon Salzberg (28 brief to very brief daily meditations organized around several themes)

Kristen Neff's Self Compassion Meditations & Exercises

Jonathan Foust: Body-Centered Inquiry

Open Focus Brain

Free Mindfulness Project (downloadable meditations)

Sarah Peyton: Developing Your Resonant Self

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations (8 and 20-minute versions)

Downloadable list of simple Breathwork Practices

Downloadable handout on the RAIN Method

Newsletter: Have suggestions for cultivating self-connection delivered to your inbox regularly. Dr. Rick Hanson's "Just One Thing" is quite consistent with the practices I use and encourage in my work with clients: