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Neurophysical Integration

Neurophysical Integration is a movement-based approach to repatterning the body’s habitual tendencies. Rhythmic rocking movements, gentle stretches, wave-like undulations of soft tissue, and passive mobilization of joints “re-mind” the body of its potential for lightness, length, and ease, releasing tension from the inside out. 


This unique therapy promotes deep relaxation, greater freedom of movement, and enlivened body awareness. Benefits are cumulative. This work is most effectively performed through non-restrictive clothing. 

Neurophysical Integration is a nurturing, pleasurable form of bodywork that can benefit most people. It may be particularly beneficial for:

  • chronic tension & discomfort

  • repetitive stress

  • postural imbalances

  • compensatory patterns

  • stress & anxiety 

  • depression or emotional blockage

  • balance difficulties

  • sense of disconnection from bodily sensation

Contact me with your questions, to schedule an appointment, or to discuss how Neurophysical Integration might support you in meeting your goals.