• Nicole L. Bickham

The New Normal (For Now)

My current understanding of the opinions being offered by public health officials and scientists is that COVID-19 is going to be a major concern for months to come, and that as restrictions are gradually lifted, needs that can be met while maintaining physical distance, should be met in this way. Thus I will continue to offer Telehealth sessions to my established clients indefinitely, and will continue to monitor how insurance companies are handling Telehealth services. (So far all claims I have filed for Telehealth sessions have been approved, and some insurance companies are waiving cost-sharing for Telehealth.)


I regret that I am not currently able to add to my waiting list, and do not foresee having new openings to offer those on my waiting list through at least May. This is a challenging time for us all. If you need support promptly, please contact your physician, your insurance company, or a local crisis hotline.

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