Telehealth (teletherapy) sessions are available for Wisconsin residents via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. 

This 4-page guide includes basic tips and instructions on how to join a video session, as well as some FAQs to make your first video call a success. 

Additional Tips from my experience:

  • Close other applications running on your device, especially email, and disable alerts if possible

  • Close the window that shows your own image once the session begins

  • Place your device so your hands can be free and (ideally) so that you are seeing my image at a distance that mimics real life


Below are some of the sources I am consulting in determining when and how to return to in-person sessions:


State and County Level Transmission Status

American Psychological Association

General COVID-19 Resources

Considerations for Returning to In-Person Services

State of Wisconsin - Dept of Health Services

Community Recommendations

Virus Activity Level by County

Masking Recommendations

APA Trust (my liability insurance carrier)

Factors to Consider