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Therapeutic Massage

A purposeful, customized integration of Eastern and Western bodywork techniques, designed to soothe and nourish body, mind, and spirit. 

My approach emphasizes:


  • gentle, mindful touch that acts at a deep level

  • appreciation for the inner workings of the nervous system

  • getting to the root of the body's holding patterns so that benefits are cumulative

  • holism rather than reductivism


A significant foundation of my approach is acupressure, which involves the strategic application of pressure at points in the body known to promote healing and balance of the body's energy flow. (Learn more about acupressure and other Asian bodywork techniques I use, including cupping therapy and auricular acupressurehere.) 


I enjoy blending Asian bodywork techniques with holistic Western approaches including Trager and myofascial massage.

Contact me with your questions, to schedule an appointment, or to discuss how massage might support you in meeting your goals.